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cause there is light into the darkness and there are shadows in the sun.


tears of blood in the moon.

Did you see the moon today? It shed tears of blood.

Then the sky got darker and the storm began. 

The snow was falling hard, but the snowflakes weren’t white. 

They were black, just like my mind.

So I remembered something you said a while ago. 

When the season will change and the sun will settle in again, my heart won’t melt, because it’s made of stone.

… no reason at all.

It was cold up there. The air suddenly froze. I started to shiver. I was able to see every light of the town, every street, every car, every movement. People returning back to their homes, lovers holding hands, almost everyone having someone they could talk to, someone they could love, someone that loved them. There were a lot of lonely people too. You could see them walking fast, with their hands in their pockets, eyes concentrated on their shoes, noticing every crack in the street. There was no reason for them to look up at the sky. They weren’t seeing the stars or the moon, like the others. They saw only black clouds, floating everywhere. There was no light. There was no hope. Their bodies were filled with coldness. Their eyes. Their minds. Their souls. There was no reason to be alone in dark. There was no reason to be alone at all.

… and then I jumped.