I pity you.

I will pity you
for the rest of your life,
for who you are,
for who you think you are.

You deserve this, dear,
because you’re just a fake,
you only wear a mask,
You deserve the pain,
You deserve the tears,
for those who are afraid
to be who they want
deserve the struggle and the agony
of the cruel life.

You deserve to not know
what you really want
Swimming in self-destruction,
that won’t help you much.
Pretending to be
the queen you think you are,
you miss the joy that
I see in the stars
For you’re drowning in society’s rules
You fight to keep the mask
And that drains you and leaves you with
nothing but the scars.
But I, I feel the freedom
deep within my heart.

And at the end of life,
I’m sure that I can say
I loved without condition,
I love without restraint,

But that love of mine
Is not for the two-faced.


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